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Dakhla Museum and Culture Centre

The Daklha Sahara Museum is the first of three museums Morocco is creating to honour the relationship between man and the desert.

This trilogy stimulated the studies for the project.
On a lagoon and facing the horizon, the museum’s monolithic recessed structure exerts a powerful presence on the site.

Light and shade
Entirely in beige-ingrained concrete to harmonize with the colours of its environment, the museum contains large open spaces inside to allow light in and air to circulate.

From completely public to entirely private
A large esplanade on Avenue Mohammed V opens up under the building encouraging passers-by to drop by.

The esplanade is animated by libraries and workshops, which guide visitors on their way to the exhibition rooms.

Three gardens for one museum
Beyond the Entrance Hall, the operation of the facilities is organised around three large gardens: the Garden of the Oases, the Garden of Immateriality, and the Garden of the Desert.

The three gardens pay tribute to the three leitmotifs to be developed by the trilogy.